Week 3

I am really enjoying this work out routine.  It is definetly working.  I’m aware of muscles that I forgot exsisted.  Thank you Brandy for the inspiration.  I am so amazed at the difference I am feeling in my abs.  I knew they were in bad shape, but wow!!  So this last week was great, I only missed Saturday due to having to go to traffic school.
Yes, I had to go to traffic school.  I just had to get spotted by the most zealous traffic cop in Federal Way doing 11 miles over the speed limit.  I didn’t realize I was speeding, I was in too big a hurry and didn’t even look for the limit sign.  Just following the lady ahead of me but she saw him and slowed down.  I didn’t I was too busy looking for the office I had an appointment at.  Oh well, it wasn’t that bad.  I learned some things and the two officers were fun.  Officer Pon was one of them and he’s the one who gave me the ticket.  I got the impression that a good majority of the people there had been pulled over by him.  Anyway, I chose traffic school because it was a little cheaper then the ticket and it kept the ticket off my record.  Needless to say, I’m not such a speed demon anymore.   At least I’m more careful about watching for the limits.

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