First Blog

I’m not sure why I’m writing this.  I don’t really care for writing.  In school English was my worst subject.  My senior year I barely passed and I’m convinced it was because my teacher just liked me and didn’t want to fail me.  I’m not even sure why she liked me so well.  Anyway so here I am writing my first blog.  I don’t even know who is going to read it.  I think my sisters are the only people who know about my space.
Ok so I think I will blab about what has been on my mind lately, political parties.  I’ve always thought of myself as a republican.  I grew us in the LDS church which is probably one of the most conservative groups of people you’re going to find.  So you can pretty much bet that most members of the church are republicans.
My dad claimed to be a democrat although I don’t know why.  I need to ask my mom one of these days.  So anyway up until the last few years I was registered as a republican.  I didn’t vote in the ’02 elections but I was pretty supportive of the Bush camp, even though he came across as sort of an idiot.  But I definetly didn’t like the other guys because the were democrats.  However, as the the iraq war has drug on, and I’ve watched the republicans hard at work on Capital Hill I’ve begun to agree less and less with that party.  By the ’04 elections I was definetly not voting for Bush and I didn’t like Kerry at all.  I voted for Ralph Nader.
So now I’m not a republican, not a democrat, don’t completly agree with the green party and haven’t looked into the independent party much.  Luckily, in the state of Washington it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to affiliate your self with anyone.
I’m still a very conservative person but I feel like the republicans just talk about family values and traditional American values, but they are more interested in helping out their friends in big business and the military industrial complex.  Although I’m sure democrats are just as bad about that sort of stuff.  I often wonder how many politicians actually want to help our nation.  Or how long does it take before lobbyists buy them out.  Are they all corrupt?  Surely not, unfortunetly the corrupt ones tend to rule I think.
I’ve seen, read and heard some interesting things the last few months.  First the documentaries, if interested, see:  "Why we fight", "Who killed the electric car?",  and a very interesting movie we watched on youtube called "America: Freedom to Fastism"  a little scary coming from an LDS background.  Oh I also thought Al Gore’s movie "An Inconvenient Truth" was very good.  Just ignore what felt like campaign ads here and there.
Then I heard a really interesting speech on NPR by George Lakoff about how republicans use language to forward there adgenda.  And the media and democrats unknowingly help them.  You have to pay to hear it online but I found an interview that talked about the same stuff:  He also has some great stuff on his institute’s website:  I’m waiting to get his book from the library.
Another book I’m waiting for is call "Conservatize me…"  I heard the author speak on KUOW, it was so funny I would recommend listening to him.
OK so I have to go to bed now.  I’m too tired to even care about any of this.
Good Night…..

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