Reblogging my friend Rachel again. Check out her post on astronaut ice cream and comment to win your own. :-)

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Okay, so this won’t be nearly as exciting as Muppets In Space, or as intense as watching Gravity in IMAX, or anything like that…But it’s still pretty dang interesting.

I have eaten astronaut food, without even leaving the atmosphere. Or my own kitchen, for that matter. And you can, too!

I give to you: Astronaut Ice Cream.


THE DISH: Freeze-dried mint chocolate chip ice cream! It is packaged in slitted paper sleeve, sealed within an air tight pouch. It is often already broken into pieces upon opening, which is not a bad thing, as you don’t really “bite” into it. Well, you could, but it would just break a piece off rather than giving you a clean bite. It’s definitely not a texture I’ve ever encountered in something edible before.


THE EXPERIENCE: It melts in your mouth! Since it re-hydrates with your saliva [ew, but really that's what happens]

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Pictures of Kids!

I forced the kids to go to the park after church today instead of going straight home. They weren’t thrilled but they mostly cooperated with me. Click on the pic for the whole Flickr set.

KJ, this is what I got when I said, “Look cute for Grandmas.”